Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dialog Broadband and MMS Settings for Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich

I had a bit of trouble getting my Samsung Galaxy Nexus to work on the Dialog network and use MMS at the same time.. it seems like the dialog support cannot push the service books to the new phones yet (At least the one i am using)

so to whom it may be of a help here are the settings to get your phone working if you are using Android 4 (Ice cream sandwich)

To enable Data do the following 

Select Settings -> Wireless & networks (Click on More...-> Mobile networks -> Access point names
Press the (3 dots at the bottom to get the Menu)  Menu -> New APN

Enter name: Dialog
APN: dialogbb
Proxy: <not set>
Port: <not set>
Username: <not set>
Password: <not set>
Server: <not set>
MMSC:  <not set>
MMS Proxy:  <not set>
MMS Port:  <not set>
MCC:  <not set>
MNC:  <not set>
Authentication type:  <not set>
APN type: <not set> 

Once complete Save the setting (the save appears in the Menu)

To enable MMS do the following 

Select Settings -> Wireless & networks (Click on More...) -> Mobile networks -> Access point names
Press the (3 dots at the bottom to get the Menu)  Menu -> New APN

Enter name: Dialog MMS
APN: dialogbb
Proxy: <not set>
Port: <not set>
Username: <not set>
Password: <not set>
Server: <not set>
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8080
MCC: 413
MNC: 02
Authentication type: None
APN type: mms

Once complete Save the setting (the save appears in the Menu)

Power Cycle the phone to ensure all the settings are taken in.. (Power off and start-up)

Disable WiFi if you are connected via WiFi and try browsing via the phone
Take a picture and send your self an MMS message to test

When the APN is active for Data the led light (dot) next to the APN Name turns Green

Useful reference site for Mobile Broadband and MMS Settings
Dialog Mobile Support 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bicycle Engine Kits

Keiran has purchased one of these engines and he has mounted it .. looks pretty awesome !!

Best Bicycle Engine Kits

Sunday, February 5, 2012

PQ Labs Multi-Touch Screens

Check this out pretty cool high end multi-touch screens that are used in programs like CSI etc
Compnay called PQ Labs make them

PQ Labs    PQ Labs Demo

Multi Touch Desk at Cebit 2010

Mulii-Touch Wall