Sunday, January 22, 2012

My new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone

Have a new phone running the latest Google OS 4 -  ICS  (Jan 2012)

Galaxy Nexus with the extended battery pack and the OtterBox Defender

This phone is a little bit on the large side due to the big screen ... however it does everything a user needs on a smart phone with ease.. Email, Calendar, Phone, FB.. and a whole heap of apps from the market

The OtterBox case is solid and gives the flimsy(good thing) phone a rugged user profile..
The extended battery fits without a problem with this case and the screen protector on the case is a bonus (all in one package)

the extended battery gives me a full days usage on a single charge ( i am a fairly heavy phone user)

so far i am loving the phone and all its features .. well done Samsung and Google

Great site for various Galaxy Nexus cases

Galaxy Nexus 

OtterBox Case
OtterBox Case

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